Guangzhou Dingyun Speaker Factory is an enterprise specializing in the development and production of electroacoustic loudspeaker. Over the years, the company has invested enormous human and material resources to the research and development of the speaker. Products in addition to a certain market in the country, but also has a well-known foreign brand development, production and OEM. Therefore, lay the Dingyun based market leading position. With international famous brand also let us get more electronic manufacturing experience. In order to further strengthen the internationalization of Dingyun electronics, professional positioning, over the years, Dingyun people to "professional and technical, professional quality" as the core of the enterprise, and strive to develop high-quality products. Therefore, the key parts of the material and the United Kingdom, the United States, Malaysia and Taiwan manufacturers cooperation development and procurement, so that the comprehensive cost of products has been further promoted. By virtue of their own products in the technology, quality advantages, by the industry respected.
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